As of 2016, Amos Industries, Inc. which was founded in 1999 is now the official North American extension of Shengrui Transmission Co. Ltd. for the USA and North American Market.

Amos’s already established vast factory network both in Taiwan and mainland China was further bolstered by Shengrui’s already significant footprint in the transmission and engine components sector.

We offer a complete process which includes R&D, castings, forgings, MIM, precision machining, heat treating, surface treatment, product assembly and more. The combined forces bring forth new opportunities for our new and future customers as well as our existing established customers.

Our capability has grown greatly and we have positioned ourselves to better service our growing customer base.

Our specialties include:

      Investment casting

      Sand Casting

      Die Casting


      Metal Injection Molding

      Precision Machining


Some Industries we serve:

     Automotive                                       Marine

     Sports & Athletics                            Agricultural

     HVAC & Refrigeration                 •     Aerospace

     Healthcare                                       Construction

     Entertainment Vehicles               •     Food Machinery

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