Our company vigorously promotes intelligent transformation increases investment in advanced technology and equipment and has completed more than a dozen intelligent transformation of production lines. Our company has German Alfon connection rod and connecting equipment, Italian Gistianni double-face grinding machine, Germany's Mikrosha centerless grinding machine, Austrian multi-purpose furnace, Japan Mazak horizontal machining center, South Korea Doosan horizontal machining center, Germany Schott grinder, Japan Nikko camshaft grinder, The world's top manufacturing equipment such as horizontal all-round CNC lathes, with an annual output of 5 million connecting rods, 5 million piston pins, 400,000 camshafts, 1 million pumps, 400,000 flywheels, 900,000 exhaust pipes, and shells The annual production capacity of 350,000 pieces and 4 million pieces of other small and medium-sized parts.

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